Product summary:
Our PVDC wrap is made of fvdc raw material in the special process that is developed independently, and it has good transparency and surface gloss. It is well sticky and extensively used in home and supermarket food packaging.
Product specification:
thickness: 9---20μm Width: 50mm---1100mm
Main features:
1、Transparency and natural gloss; 2、Sticky; 3、Retention of freshness and odor and refrain from water evaporation and odor dispersion; 4、Refrigerator and range (140 ℃) are also widely used; 5、DEHA contains no plasticizer, non-toxic, odorless. Safe to use for food。
Main uses:
Merritt part :
Merritt: the world's leading film blow machine has annual production capacity of 5.5 million tons. The world's largest high barrier PVDC rap production base allows customers and market needs to be stabilized.

Merritt part :
Technology Merritt: there are state class product development centers and post doctor work stages, which can design good scientific indicators and competitive processes by market needs. Quality Merritt: good raw material, international advanced inspection facility, strict quality control system, national quality measurement center, and inspection of shipping products.

Merritt part :
Services Merritt: provides excellent products and services to global customers at the National Development Centre, quality inspection center and professional after-sales service group.

Advanced equipment and technology, rich manufacturing experience, strict manufacturing management, and complete quality control system provide customers with safe, environmentally friendly products and services.